Test av Cafflano Klassic

Odd-Steinar Tøllefsen tester den nye bryggeren fra Cafflano (foto: Simon Alteblad)

Surprising and positive meeting with an innovative all in one coffee brewer.

As winner of the Brewers Cup in Norway, I reisved as one of the prizes Cafflano Klassik coffee brewer. It was a very positive meeting with a fantastic coffee brewer. It was surprising both taste wise and usability. When I hand brews coffee, I prefer to grind coffee slightly coarser with longer extraction time to reveal a softer style. This Method fits the metal filter in Cafflano perfect. There was minimal sediments. Cafflano Klassik works really well, with thoughtful solutions and solidly built.
It appeals to me that the only thing you need is coffee and water. Everything you need to make amazing coffee is inside this little cylinder. For me, taste is important, and Cafflano delivers! It is easy to bring on a trip, and it is my absolutely first choice on day trips or longer touring. Anyone who wants a good cup of coffee on the go, at work or at home, should own a Cafflano Klassik. I want one more, because my girlfriend has seized the one I already have (Odd-Steinar Tøllefsen, Norwegian Brewers Cup Champion 2014 and 2015).

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