Flexibility, Versatility and Adaptability are extremely important with any website, theme or design. Replicant2 has a series of versatile features to create a design that is easy to use.

Transparency, in an age where Internet Explorer 6 is still a major browser, will present a problem in most situations. Due to its IE6 lack of support for transparency, it proves to be a difficult situation to implement transparent techniques into themes. However, Replicant2 does not fail to push the barrier and is compatible with IE6 and even allows for dynamic widths which was not available in its predecessor.

Boasting 40 module positions, the template has one of the most, if not the most, positions available in any template offered by RocketTheme. This provides you with a high degree of flexibility as you can present your visitors with a variety of layouts with great ease. Similarly, we have introduced side advertising module positions for those wishing to showcase advertisements on their site. There are 2 positions, one on either side of the template that are situated outside the template container. A perfect place for ads!

  • Module Variations: A showcase of the various positions that are available, live on the site.
  • Module Positions: View all the available module positions with our detailed diagram of the template layout. /li>